Business Consulting Services

Are you a newly starting business that wishes to maximise your returns and do well economically ?

Expert Business Consulting Services

Are you a newly starting business that wishes to maximise your returns and do well economically ? John Mollica & Associates is an expert in the field, having more than 24 years of experience. Whether you are only starting up, or are already a well-established business, we are dedicated to providing you the best business consulting services.
John Mollica & Associates aims to create value for your business and is fully committed to your success. We help you achieve your goals in an effective and time-efficient manner. Our staff members are highly professional, competent and friendly individuals providing a personalized service to each and every client of ours.


Tax Accountant

We find proactive and dynamic solutions to taxation and accounting issues, creating value for the business and promoting business interests.



Financial Planning

At John Mollica & Associates, we will be fully evaluating the present and future state of your financial affairs by using known variables such as asset values.



Business Advisor

John Mollica & Associates provides advice to newly created businesses and existing businesses in order to help them become more profitable and competitive.


A Principled, Professional, Reliable Approach

Professional Standards

We provide business consulting services in line with the highest professional standards. Fully experienced and knowledgeable, we offer well-researched and informed business advice to inviduals and businesses.
We focus on the delivery of accounting and business advice which will help you find practical, lasting solutions to issues you might be having. We will also help you identify opportunities in order to maximise your business revenue and make sure that your business stays on top.

Helping You Overcome Your Tax Issues

John Mollica & Associates is a leading provider of personalised taxation and accounting services to all of Melbourne and Victoria. Whether you are an individual or a business enterprise, we will work with you in order to make sure all your taxation issues are fully resolved and that you are compliant with all existing laws and regulations.


Tax Issues

Our expert accountants perform the following:

Bespoke audit of business and personal finances

Assisting with the preparation of tax returns

Corporate tax consultation


Our Services Include :

Tncome tax return
Small business accounting and bookkeeping
Taxation advisory
Business consulting services
Accounting services

John Mollica & Associates helps you expand your business and become more profitable and competitive.

A Principled, Professional, Reliable Approach

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