Small Business Accounting and Book Keeping

Have you been spending way too much time pouring over your books and trying to establish whether you've successfully completed all of your statutory obligations ?

Your Knowledgeable Small Business Accounting And Bookkeeping Service

Have you been spending way too much time pouring over your books and trying to establish whether you’ve successfully completed all of your statutory obligations ? Do you have trouble going through financial records ? Are these too time consuming, distracting you from more pressing business issues ? At John Mollica & Associates, we help assist you from cumbersome accounting procedures. Contact us.

John Mollica & Associates has more than 24 years of experience in the field of taxation and accounting. The firm is located in Fairfield VIC and also serves all areas of Melbourne VIC.


Tax Accountant

We find proactive and dynamic solutions to taxation and accounting issues, creating value for the business and promoting business interests.



Financial Planning

At John Mollica & Associates, we will be fully evaluating the present and future state of your financial affairs by using known variables such as asset values.



Business Advisor

John Mollica & Associates provides advice to newly created businesses and existing businesses in order to help them become more profitable and competitive.


Indepth, Focused Analysis of Bookkeeping.

Helping You Dedicate More Time to Your Business

Individuals and small businesses doing their own bookkeeping normally spend about 20- 25 % of their time performing the aforementioned task.

Allow us to free you of this substantial responsibility ; hire our professional services. You will be able to dedicate precious time to the running of your business, instead.

We also provide taxation advisory services.

Practical and Efficient

John Mollica & Associates performs indepth, focused analysis of bookkeeping records. We also provide efficient, practical business and accounting advice in order to help you :

identify good business opportunities and making the utmost of these
make sure that your business stays competitive and profitable
acquire more assets and protect them
We help you understand business technicalities and ably handle the analysing of your financial records, undertaking cash flow projections and making forecasts.

A Principled, Ethical Approach

Why Choose Us ?

Cost and Time Efficient
High Level of Customer Service

We undertake all your business accounting and bookkeeping requirements.